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    Technical service
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                         WHZWM will provide professional technical service for you

             Technical service hotline in 24 hours - TEL: 15327197099, 13098888556

    Equipment selection 

    We will provide complete engineering and technical solutions for machinery according to the actual requirements of customers, including suggestions on production process and reasonable selection of equipment.

    New product development

    With the expansion of polyurethane application scope, our technical team will closely follow the new technology of the industry and provide customers with advanced and reasonable polyurethane equipment to meet their production needs.

    Technical support 

    We have opened a 24-hour technical support hotline to provide basic fault judgment, troubleshooting and operation guidance services for customer equipment faults.

    Technical training 

    In order to meet the needs of different customers for equipment use, maintenance and repair, we provide technical training services all year round, including equipment working principle, equipment use and operation, parts structure and repair.

    Equipment Transformation

    We provide cyclopentane transformation project, including equipment transformation, plant process layout and supporting safety facilities, so that the transformed system fully meets the German TüV standard.

    Aftersale service

    We have a professional after-sales service team, which can respond quickly to equipment faults and arrive at the site in time to reduce the impact of equipment problems on production.

    Spare parts supply

    We have established long-term good cooperative relations with domestic and foreign spare parts manufacturers and set up a special spare parts warehouse, which can provide you with common imported and domestic spare parts such as mixing head, metering pump, pressure switch, joint, pipeline and seal in time.
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